National University

TED 624



Capsule Vocabulary


1.         Teacher selects words from reading or other input or from a category currently being studied (10-15 words).


2.         Teacher presents words to students with definitions or example sentences.  Students share any associations regarding that words.  The teacher may add additional information. 


3.         When all words have been introduced, students are paired up and given a limited time (3 to 5 minutes) to try to use the words in conversation about the topic. 


4.         Students then write an ungraded paragraph or two in which they use the "capsule" words.  The teacher may select several paragraphs to read to the entire class. 




Crist, B. I.  (1975).  One capsule a week–A painless remedy for vocabulary ills.  Journal of Reading 20. pp. 184-207.