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2010 Contents

Winter 2010

  • Carla Hoff President's Message
  • Jose A. Montelongo, Anita C. Hernandez, Robert J. Herter, & Carissa Hernandez Vocabulary/Vocabulario: The Transparency and Morphology of Spanish-English Nouns
  • Melissa Schulz Understanding the Literacy Lives of English Language Learners
  • Jean M. Casey Students Power Down and Dumb Down for School: A Commentary
  • Teri Woods Fowler & Eric Bilyeu Empowering Connections through Visualizations Using the Five Senses
  • Department
    • Armin R. Schultz Book Talk

Spring 2010

  • Bruce Marlow, Rachel McCormack, Michelle Carney & Evelyn Rankin Bringing Research to the Classroom: Promising Practices n Deaf Reading Education
  • Melissa Schulz & Barbara Honchell Enriched Literacy Experiences for English Language Learners
  • Carole Silva You Can Read--So Why Don't You?
  • Julie Jacobson & Diane Lapp Modeling Writing to Enhance Students' Critical and Creative Thinking Skills
    • Higher Order Thinking Guide (PDF Online Supplement)
  • Commentary
    • Anne B. Seil A Plug for Reading Aloud to Your Students

Summer 2010 - Response to Intervention (RTI)

  • Nancy Frey RTI FAQ (PDF free online supplement) for the California Reading Association
  • Roxanne Watson, Susan Mortorff Robb, Zina A. Yzquiredo, & Naomi C. Tyler The IRIS Center's Resources for California's RTI2
  • Linda Smetana A View From the Middle Tier: Looking Closely at Tier II Intervention in RTI
  • Lance Gentile Language, Literacy, and Learning Behavior: Response to Intervention (RTI) for Tier II Students
  • Joan Fingon, Carolyn Frank, & Sue Kawell Young Readers Camp: Developing a University Model for Supporting Struggling Readers and Families
  • Department
    • Armin Schulz Book Talk

Coming in Fall 2010

  • Linda Smetana Graphic Novel Gurus: Students with Learning Disabilities Enjoying Real Literature
  • Nancy Frey Reading and Writing with Graphic Novels
  • Whitney Donnelly Stepping Beyond the Traditional Structured Overview
  • Gulmira Ismayil Critical Pedagogy Helps Angel Sprout Wings
  • Kathy Church Building Your Own Book Study: Encouraging Higher Level Thinking, Making Connections, and the Ownership of Learning
  • Departments
    • Jill M. Castek Technology and Literacy Making the Most of eZines to Engage Readers and Writers
    • Susan Toma-Berge Book Review--Teaching Reading: Strategies and Resources For Grades K-6 (McCormack & Pasquarelli, 2010)